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ICT Innovative Cleanroom Technologies, office, manufacturing and installation operations are all currently operating in compliance
 with the COVID-19 directives of the Federal and State recommendations. Please leave your message or questions at our
 general phone answering machine which is programmed to foreward your message by email to our staff members who will
respond as soon as posible. You can also send us your messages direct to info@ICTclean.com
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  • Cleanroom Ceiling Construction
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ICT Engineers, Designs, Fabricates and Installs
ICT is a General Contractor and Manufacturer - Specialized in CleanRooms
University & Nanotechnologie Cleanrooms, Industry and Pharmaceutical
ICT Wall and Ceiling Systems are Certified for all ISO Classifications
ICT is specialized in Turnkey Projects
Small and Large Projects!
ICT provides Air Balancing and Compliance Testing
ICT Manufactures Modular Cleanroom Wall and Walkable Ceiling systems, Cleanroom Doors and Accesories
ICT Installs WFI Systems, Clean-Steam Systems, Clean Air Systems and Environmental Control Systems
Truly Modular Design with
Floating Walkable Ceiling
Fully Walkable and Time Saving
Single source for all Utilities including Effluent Kill Tank Systems
 ICT Modular Cleanroom ,  ICT PharmaWall  Systems  and ICT  Walkable Ceiling Systems are 100% Made-in-the-USA
ICT Turnkey Cleanroom Features ICT Modular Cleanroom  Advantages
The Key component of a ICT Turnkey solution is that ICT offers and accepts the single source responsibility for your projects cost and its conformance and performance per the specifications of the entire cleanroom facility project.

Part of the performance guaranty is that ICT will meet the design temperature, humidity and pressure relations. It also means that ICT will accept responsibility for the local code compliance and adhers to strict quality and safety control parameters.

 For our clients this means one contract, one responsible person, a peace of mind and a reduced  risk for the owner. Turnkey solutions  are not only an option for new cleanroom facilities but also can be applied to cleanroom renovations, cleanroom envelopes etc.
 ICT Fabricates the following systems which are 100% Made-in-the-USA
All ICT Modular Panel Systems are available in Powder Coated Galvanealed Steel, CPVC Laminated Galvanealed Steel and Stainless Steel
ICT Modular Double CleanWall System 3 1/4" wide -designed for utilities to run inbetween panel skins ICT Modular Solid Core CleanWall System 3 1/4" wide -designed for maximum sound and insulation value ICT One Hour Fire Rated CleanWall System 3 1/4" wide -designed for fire rated wall system ICT Modular Load Nearing CleanWall System 3 1/4" wide -designed for wide span no collumn ceiling systems ICT Modular Walkable Ceiling System 3 1/4" wide -designed for easy maintenance access ICT Modular Non-Walkable Ceiling System -designed for apllications where walkable is no option
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Please contact our Sales Manager to setup a meeting with one of our experienced Cleanroom and Facility specialists or to request product information on our Modular Cleanrooms.
You can also contact us by email and send us your project requirements. Please include your pdf or AutoCAD layout if available.  

 E-mail: RonHarms@ICTclean.com
line line Whether it is the supply only or the supply and installation of our panel systems, ICT is dedicated to work with your team from concept to completion and provide our customers with the best available Modular and Cleanroom Environment technologies. Our Project Managers will see through that each project is completed to your complete satisfaction , validatable, certified and on time!.
Our  Modular Panels carry a 5 YEAR Warranty! Check back for new articles! Guaranteed to Certify
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Designed for Sterile and Controlled Environments!  HEPA & ULPA Filtration and Cross Contamination Control! Sterilizers, autoclave freezers refrigerators etc.! Design and Installation of Clean steam, WFI and Air systems! Various custom and standard solutions! High load walkable ceiling